Квест Joker (Рига) - отзывы, рейтинг, скидки, акции
60 min
From 50 €  


The streets of Gotham are overrun with crime poisoning the city. In the stone jungle of crime, corruption and racketeering, the legendary genius of chaos Joker is born! Psychopath holding in fear not only peaceful citizens, but also the mafia. His goal is not to get rich, not to gain power, his goal is to sow chaos, to see the world on fire! He has no fear and always has a smile on his face!

The Joker is planning an assassination attempt on 4 people of special importance in Gotham. You have infiltrated his secret hideout, the villain's unusual lair in the most dangerous part of the city. The lives of 4 people are in your hands, can you save them all, or will someone be unlucky? Time is running out, cold sweat is beading on your forehead, every second is a thump in your temples.

Are you scared? Why are you so serious?

Age:  From 14 y.o.

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Address: Merķeļa str. 17/19

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